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G.B. Miller Elementary School

Julie Choi » Homework


Your child brings homework home in his/her communication folder every day. The communication folder is to be returned every morning with your child.
Daily homework will usually consist of one or two assignments and 15-20 minutes of reading. Please make sure to check your child's homework assignments each night AND sign the top of each assignment. Homework is to be turned in every morning with your child's name and number written at the top of each assignment.
Typical week of homework looks like this (including reading every night and working on spelling homework packet):
Monday: Monday night writing, math worksheet
Tuesday: math worksheet
Wednesday: math worksheet, study for spelling test
Thursday: poetry journal*, math worksheet
Friday: new spelling list and TIC-TAC-TOE** spelling homework gets sent home
*Poetry journal: students read poem to a parent and the parents signs the bottom of the poem.
**Spelling TIC-TAC-TOE Homework: Due every Thursday, the same day as the spelling test.

Students have to choose THREE activities (see attached for examples) either diagonal, across or up/down just like Tic-tac-toe! Your child will receive a new packet every Friday. This packet remains in your child’s homework folder and the completed pack is due on Thursdays, the day of the spelling test.