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G.B. Miller Elementary School

Julie Choi » Welcome to Room 4, Mrs. Choi's 1st grade class!

Welcome to Room 4, Mrs. Choi's 1st grade class!

 Hello, Parents of Students in Room 4!
The students did a wonderful job with their song/poem/nursery rhyme oral presentations! You can watch your child's presentation on Seesaw so make sure to check it out and leave a comment!
Happy 100th Day of School! Our first grade students are 100 days smarter!


Why Don't Trees Blow Down in the Wind?


In science students were introduced to the idea that the natural world can provide insights for designing products to meet human needs. Students examined the structures of trees that keep them from blowing down in the wind, using their observations to design umbrellas that could stay up in a strong wind.
You can share another amazing story with your child of how living things can guide the design of man-made materials: the invention of Velcro! This video describes the structure of “hook and loop fasteners” and how the idea for Velcro came from looking closely at seeds, similar to how students’ ideas for improved umbrellas came from looking at trees.




Mrs. Choi