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G.B. Miller Elementary School

Shelley Brennan » Classroom Management

Classroom Management

  • "Critter Sticks" used for treasure box
  • Cabin Points - weekly table with most points earns reward
  • S'mores Jar - class earns reward after reaching predetermined level on jar
School-wide PBIS Program
  • RACE Cards (cart & raffles)
  • Monthly Reward Recess
  • Fun Filled Days
Classroom Behavior Clip Chart
PINK - Outstanding
PURPLE - Delightful Day
BLUE - Good Day
GREEN - Ready to Learn
YELLOW - Think About It
ORANGE - Teacher's Choice
RED - Parent Contact and referral given
This is over an entire week. Behavior calendar goes home each Friday and returned each Monday with a parent signature.
School- wide PBIS Program
Minor Offense = detention, loss of priviledge, behavior contract
Major Offense = detention, suspension, expulsion