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G.B. Miller Elementary School

Stacie Woodard » Welcome to Room 5A

Welcome to Room 5A

Program: Autism Specific SDC Preschool



School Phone: (714) 228-3270; Fax: (714) 522-7978


Teacher: Stacie Woodard (Room 5A)


Classroom Aides: Ms. Yohana & Ms. Barbara


A little about me: I attended California State University, Fullerton and have a degree in Child Development. I have an Early Childhood Specialist teaching credential and a Masters of Education. I have been a teacher with the Centralia School district for 7 years, prior to working here I taught for 7 years in a different school district. I have had the opportunity to teach in many different types of preschool classrooms including mild/moderate, moderate/severe, and a general education/special education inclusion classroom. I have found that I truly enjoy working with children at all levels of development, and helping them meet their fullest potentials. I am excited to start the school year and get to know all of your children.


Absences: Please call the school office at 714-228-3270 each morning that your child is absent from school. 


Arrival/ Dismissal: The AM class begins at 8:05 and ends at 10:52. The PM class begins at 11:32 and ends at 2:25, except on Thursdays when it ends at 1:30.


Daily Communication: Communication books are sent to and from school daily. The student’s book will be written in everyday unless there is a substitute teacher. Behavior and participation are listed on rating scales on the daily sheet. If a student receives an unusual mark in an activity, a note will be included to notify you of the situation. Please write in the books and inform me of anything that may be helpful for working with your child (they may be getting sick, they did not sleep well, significant change in home situation or schedule, etc). Please also remember to initial the communication logs to show that you have reviewed it. It is important to check your child’s folder daily as this is where permission slips and special event notifications will be.


Personal Items: Please clearly write your child’s name or initials on all lunch boxes/bags, jackets, sweaters, backpacks, and other items brought to school. For your child’s comfort and safety, please dress him/her in washable clothing and closed toed shoes with socks. Please keep a change of clothes in their backpack or send a set of clothes for us to keep at school. If your child is not fully potty trained, please send the appropriate supplies as needed.


Snacks/Lunch: Children in the AM class are able to eat snacks at the picnic tables during the morning recess. Children in the PM class will eat lunch. Please let me know if you plan on buying lunch. We encourage all students to eat healthy foods, and encourage you to send healthy snacks for your child to eat. Please do not forget to include a drink. Please let me know if your child has any dietary restrictions or allergies I should be aware of.