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Weekly News

Conferences are coming Sept. 20-27. The following is the schedule of conferences that I have. If your date/time doesn't work for you, please let me know so we can reschedule. 
Fri. 9/20- 7:00 Hannia, 7:20 Joshua, 8:00 Niko,  9:20 Sean, 11:00 Jaina
Mon. 9/23 7:40 Julian, 1:30 Patrick, 2:30 Arianna
Tues. 9/24  1:50 Adeleine, 3:50 Ethan, 4:50 Tanner, 5:10 Hailey,
5:30 Emma
Wed. 9/25 7:40 Madelynn, 1:30 Andruw, 4:10 Matthew, 4:30 Olivia, 4:50 Tavia
Thurs. 9/26 1:30 Dustin, 2:30 Bella, 3:10 Cooper,
3:50 Kory
Fri. 9/27 1:30 Jerediah, 2:10 Nathan, 3:50 Grace
This week, we will continue the unit in our reading series that asks the question, “How are characters different?” We will focus on narrative (fiction) text. When asking questions about the text we expect our scholars to support their answer with “evidence” from the illustration and/or the text. We will also begin to point out inferences that we make as readers. We will use our Zoophonics friends to practice the letter names and sounds daily. We will practice writing letters Ss, Tt, Uu, Vv, and Ww. We are “stretchy snaking” out words to hear the sounds to help us write the words. This week’s color is green. 
Sight Words- 2-3 minutes is enough, but it is important to do it daily.  Consistency is very important for academic success. Please have your child practice cutting out the five flash cards (thumb is always on top when using scissors). Your child should have mastered the red and orange words and be working on the yellow words this week.  
Some possible ways to practice:
1. Post them in a high traffic area (refrigerator, bathroom door, etc.) Frequently point them out and have your child point and repeat them.
2. Lay them all face up and have your child “find” a word that you say.
3. Lay them face down. As your child turns one over, they say the word. If they know it, they get to keep it. If they don’t, tell them the word and they turn it back over to try again. 
4. Make another set of cards and play memory match game with them. Be sure to say the word each time it is turned over (reminder your child to get your mouth ready with the first sound)
5. Make another set of cards and play Go Fish with them. At first, your child might need to show you the card to get help with asking (“ Do you have this word?). Help your child by reading the word and having them repeat the question (“That is the word you.” “Do you have the word you?”). 
Technology at home- Your child has access to educational  websites through the School Website. Under the Student and Parent tab, then select Educational Links. Use the username and password (lunch number twice) on the white sticker inside the homework folder. STMath (Jiji), Starfall and Ticket to Read are excellent resources for practicing kindergarten math and reading skills. If you are having trouble, let me know. 
We are asking all students to practice writing their name. If your child can already write his/her name, please start focusing on the correct letter formation as they practice.(top to bottom, which letters touch the top/middle/bottom lines). If your child is struggling with writing their name, please write it for them using a highlighter and have him/her trace each letter (always starting at the top of the letter).
In math, we are comparing numbers to see which is more/less (greater than/less than). We are practicing the correct numeral formation. We will be introducing the solid figures (3 dimensional figures): sphere, cone, cube, cylinder, rectangular prism. 
Thank you you so much for your support. We are going to have an awesome year!
Things that Good Readers do:
  1. Track the words (point to each word as we read).
  2. Look at the illustrations to help think about what is happening. 
  3. Get your mouth ready with the first sound. 
  4. Blend sounds to make words. 
  5. Look for words or chunks that you already know (sight words). 
Things that Good Writers do:
  1. Begin each sentence with a capital letter.
  2. Use the lines to guide the shape of the letters. 
  3. Leave space between words. 
  4. Use a punctuation mark at the end of a sentence (.  ,  ?).
Weekly Responsibility- Kindergarten scholars will tell us their birthday in a complete sentence. "My birthday is__________." Practice tying shoes. 
As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at .
Quote for the week:
“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”