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Weekly News

This month’s character focus is Self Control. We are learning to think first about the consequences of our actions.
This week we will begin a unit about our wants and needs, which addresses the kindergarten social studies standard. This unit focuses on non-fiction (informational) text. We will identify informational text features ( table of contents, headings, captions, labels, index, etc.). This trimester, we are focusing on Informative writing. Our scholars know that good writers: begin each sentence with a capital, end each sentence with ending punctuation, and leave space between words. We will continue to look for “secret stories” in words to help us read them ( ow, ou, oy, silent e etc.). In math, we are concluding a unit on comparing measurement (length, height, weight, etc.). We will continue to reinforce other math skills at Morning Math and Calendar time.
Collecting Box Tops is an easy way to help our school. Please send any Box Tops to school anytime.
ELA-  identifying isolated sounds (beginning, middle and end), blending sounds of written letters to make words, plural nouns (more than one), question words (who, what, where, when, why), capitalization, and using complete sentences in our speaking and writing.
Things that Good Readers do:
  1. Track the words (point to each word as we read).
  2. Look at the illustrations to help think about what is happening. 
  3. Get our mouths ready with the first sound. 
  4. Blend sounds to make words.
  5. Look for chunks in words that we already know (sand
  6. Ask, “Does it make sense?”
Sight Word Focus- We have completed all of the kindergarten lists for sight words. We will periodically review them in class, but if your child has not mastered some of the words please keep reviewing them daily. Learning these words truly helps with reading fluency, which in turn helps with reading comprehension. 
Math- Measurement- The kindergarten measurement standard is for scholars to compare length (longer/shorter), height (taller/shorter), weight (heavier/lighter).  Have your child explain their thinking. 
Weekly Responsibility- In Math, we are practicing the skill of sorting by various attributes (by size, color, shape, function, etc.). See what objects you can sort at home.
Homework- In addition to the worksheets, please practice the sight words daily.
As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at .
Quote for the week:
“The more we work together, the happier we’ll be.”🎶