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G.B. Miller Elementary School

Karen Terreri » Classroom Management

Classroom Management

Dear Parents,
I would like to take this time to explain my philosophy in teaching and the class management
procedures for my classroom.
My Philosophy:
I believe every child has the right to learn in a comfortable and secure learning environment and
every teacher has the right to teach students in a setting that promotes learning. When students
respect one another, I believe that this can be accomplished.
Class Rules:
1. Students will use kind words and actions with others.
2. Students will listen and carefully follow directions.
3. Students will keep hands, feet and any objects to themselves.
4. Students will use time and materials wisely.
5. Students will do their best work.
When classroom rules are obeyed, students will be rewarded in various ways, such as verbal praise,
extra free time, good behavior tickets (for raffle), stickers, etc. All students will start clipped on Green,
“Ready to Learn” each day.
If a student chooses to break a rule, consequences will be taken.
1. The first time a rule is broken, students will receive a warning.
2. The second time, the student will clip down to YELLOW on our Citizenship Board.
3. The third time, the student will clip down to BLUE and this will result in a 10 minute “Time Out.”
4. The fourth time, the student will clip down to RED and this time there will be another
consequence given, a note or phone call to parents, and a referral will be written.