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G.B. Miller Elementary School

Wednesday Early Dismissal Information

Wednesday Early Dismissal

We will continue to utilize BOTH gates (at the front and back of the school near childcare) for student drop off and pick up, just as we did last year.

  • All students in grades TK-3rd, and all students (regardless of grade level) who walk or ride their bike, will be dismissed through the FRONT gate of the school. 
  • Students in grades 4 through 6 who are being picked up by vehicle will leave through back gate of the school which is near childcare. It is clearly labeled Gate 2. No students should ever walk from the back gate to the front of the school. If walking, leave by the FRONT gate. This is true for arrivals as well.
  • There will be staff on hand to ensure student safety.

VERY IMPORTANT Please keep in mind the unique configuration of our parking lots, and try to walk to school, or park in the neighborhood and walk onto campus if possible. Please practice patience. We have approximately 550 students being dismissed all within a 15 minute window. Our first priority is student safety. Thanks for your understanding. 

WEDNESDAY EARLY DISMISSAL TIMES:   TK/K - 1:15pm                     Grades 1-6 - 1:30pm